Trainer, speaker, high altitude trekking guide, columnist, author and tester of specialized equipment, Manu is recognized as an excellent pedagogue.


Since the age of 19, he has traveled the world to practice rock climbing, ice climbing and trekking. He also guided many high altitude expeditions. For him, no sporting challenge is impossible … if we prepare seriously.


In 2008, he attempted the first Quebec expedition with a leave no trace ethic and without supplemental oxygen on Manaslu (8165 m), in Nepal. In 2013, he designed and realized the Forrest Gump challenge, a solo 24-hour race without stopping. No medals, no trophies. The reward? The satisfaction of surpassing oneself and the learning that such a challenge entails.


He regularly tests various outdoor equipment for many manufacturers and assists in the development and optimization of certain parts.

He is known for his integrity, openness and contagious good humour. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences in order to give a smile to all those who go to the mountains or who want to enjoy life to the fullest and exploit their full potential.


Certification de praticien en cohérence cardiaque et biofeedback Institut David O’Hare
(Donné par le docteur David O’Hare)



Cours sur les bases du coaching, la nutrition
et ses effets sur la santé globale

Axellite Institut (donnée par Jean-François Thibault)



Stage de perfectionnement Chi running

Still Running (Donné par Dany Dryer)



Cours de Chi running niveau I

Still Running (donné par Hyongok Cho)



Instructeur de premiers soins en régions isolées

Sirius wilderness medicine (donné par Bob Washer)



Instructeur RCR/ DEA/ PS/ Anaphylaxie

Fondation des maladies du cœur et de l’AVC
(Donné par Josée Lanouette)



Moniteur de Via Ferrata

FFME (donné par Christophe Billon)



Instructeur sans trace

Aventure Écotourisme Québec



Avalanche Niveau 1

Association Canadienne des Avalanches



Mountaineering course

Yamnuska (donné par Dwayne Congdon)



Certificat en administration

Certificat en marketing

Certificat en ressources humaines

Baccalauréat en administration des affaires

Université du Québec à Montréal



Cours sur la haute altitude

Donné par Krzysztof Wielicki